When it comes to business headshots, about 99% of the people we photograph dislike having their photograph taken.  And we totally get that (we don’t like it either!).  But a great photographer will put you at ease and get you in the right mindset so that your headshot stands out from the crowd.

But getting ‘camera ready’ starts way before you enter the studio and step in front of the camera.  As much as it would be great for you to just turn up and smile, a little thought and consideration will elevate your headshot to really give it the WOW factor.

Here are 6 things to think about when it comes to selecting what to wear for your corporate headshot.

Wear clothes that reflect your brand personality.

What to wear?  The million dollar question!  You need to wear your clothes, rather than your clothes wearing you.  When it comes to business headshots, you want people to focus on your face and not be distracted by an over-patterned shirted or a too-jazzy tie.

That said, it’s important that your choice of clothes reflect your personality and also your brand.  If your brand is cool and funky, opt for something cool and funky.  If you’re trying to portray a more serious image make sure your clothing mirrors that.

Business headshot of corporate woman in blue jacket

Factor in your brand colours too.  You won’t want to clash so opt for a colour that compliments your branding and logo.

And if you and your team are being photographed and you want to get a group shot, discuss your clothes choices with each other as you want the styles to flatter, not fight, against each other.

Business headshot of man

Timeless over trendy

As much as we’d love clients to update their corporate headshots every year, in reality, that’s not going to happen so when you’re thinking about clothes opt for something that has a long shelf life.

Corporate headshot of business woman with red hair in grey top

Pay attention to detail

Yes, things can be tidied up in Photoshop but try to get the details right before stepping in front of the camera.  Modern cameras pick up every detail so think ahead.  If something needs dry cleaning get it sorted as marks will show.  If clothes have creases, they’ll show.   Approach your photo-shoot in the same way you would an interview or a client pitch.  Look presentable and professional.

Coloured clothes on a rail

Rethink Black

A lot of people solve a clothes dilemma with black.  And yes, black can look stunning but it’s not always the safe option.   It doesn’t actually suit everyone; it can often look harsh and can wash people out.  But if black is your best option consider breaking it up with texture or a strong pattern.

business headshot of a corporate woman

White out

More often than not corporate portraits are shot against a white background.  A white background is what LinkedIn recommends and is the colour we use for our Headshot Studio portraits.

When it comes to clothing, a plain white shirt isn’t always great against a white background.  It’s not a ‘no-no’, in fact, if it’s got a little detailing it can look great.  But just something to be aware of.  Like with black, if you opt for white clothes, perhaps have another option just in case.

business headshot of a man in white shirt

What about my ‘bottom half?’

A strange question?  Not really, in fact, it’s one we get asked a lot.  For your headshot you will be photographed from your chest upwards, that way the focus in on your face and eyes.  But feel free to get your bottom half sorted too!  Wearing a whole outfit, even down to the right shoes, can make such a difference to the way you feel, the way you stand, and the way you pose.

Clothes on a rail at a fashion show

If you’ve got a corporate portrait session coming up or you’re thinking of updating your online look, check out our factsheet Corporate Headshots A Business Essential for more detailed information. Or get in touch if you’d like to chat things through.