About Rachel


Rachel brings over a decade of PR and marketing experience to her role at Jon Bradley Photography. As our client liaison, she builds strong relationships with our corporate and small business clients alike.

Rachel’s full-time office support means unwavering communication and prompt responses for clients. This on-going availability ensures that we can work at pace, not only during shoots but also in the pre- and post-production phases, guaranteeing a consistently high level of service and attention to detail every time.

Additionally, Rachel’s experience in social media creative for global brands keeps our work forward-thinking; with photography styles and technology constantly advancing, Jon keeps sharp, moving forward to provide compelling, on-brand images tailored to convey each company’s unique ethos and positioning. Combined with Jon’s decades of corporate photography expertise, we stay ahead of trends to deliver creative, high-impact images tailored to each brand’s unique positioning and audience. Our passion for our work and commitment to continuous improvement means we consistently reflect and reinforce our clients’ excellence.

Photo of Rachel Bradley by Jon Bradley