Model with red hair on stage at Awards event

framing your events through great photography

Just like conference photography, awards photography is incredibly varied.  From small awards dinners for key accounts through to grand ceremonies for 500+ we are happy to be involved.

Live events are the culmination of a huge amount of work on the part of events teams and it’s an honour to photograph them.

It is our job to tell the story of the event through vibrant, expressive photography.   

For some clients we photograph judging which may have taken place in the run up to the event. It’s then getting the pre-awards set up, the details, the staging, through to people arriving. Guests in front of a media board for branding, presenters in close up, wide shots of the room, long shots of winners receiving their awards. The list is endless but we can cover it all.  When needed we can supply additional photographers to cover all angles.

One of the challenges of awards photography can be lighting.  Lighting is set up to dazzle, to create atmosphere and excitement.  It’s not set up for photographers but that’s a challenge we easily overcome with great equipment.  We use ultra wide angle lenses to show off room set ups and extreme telephoto-lenses to get the action on stage.  Our wide aperture lenses let in huge amounts of light even when it’s dark which means that we don’t need to use flash photography.  The action should be on the awards and the winners, not a camera constantly flashing.  

With the right equipment we can shoot from anywhere, meaning minimal disruption to the actual event.

Post-event we will deliver a great set of images as soon as they are needed.  In some cases this is the next day and we are happy to work to client deadlines.

Event Photography of woman celebrating by Jon Bradley
Stylish man walking of stage celebrating
A cool group of people celebrating an award win
David Walliams presenting on stage at event
Woman celebrating backstage with award
People celebrating on stage
Graduates celebrating at an event
David Wailliams presenting on stage
Woman celebrating on stage with award
Michael McIntrye on stage at event photography Jon Bradley
Large corporate event
People in evening wear celebrating an award
Man presenting an award on stage
A group of young stylish women laughing and taking photos

Please get in touch with Rachel for more information on 07956 505 336 or email her  She’ll be able to check the diary and give you a quote for your event photography.

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What I love about Jon’s work (aside from the fact that Jon himself is just so fun and easy to be around) is that he catches the most real moments in his shots. I don’t actually know how he does it – because while he’s captured one of my favourite head shots EVER, and an incredible jumping photo on a stage – I’ve never once noticed him! He is as invisible as he is talented which is what you want during event photography. thank you Jon – and to all considering, he’s a gem!