Do you have a library of custom stock images for your business? As business photographers, we love working with brands on their stock shoots.  Whether it’s just a couple of hours or a whole day shoot, we work with our clients to create a strong library of images – images with impact what will help tell your business story. 

As well as shooting and editing the images, we help businesses every step of the way to ensure that they get the best out of the session. Jon is supported by Rachel, a PR who has a background in putting together photo shoots for both product and service based businesses.  Together Jon and Rachel know exactly what images work when it comes to telling a business story. From finding the right location, sourcing props and wearing the right clothes to creating a strong shot list to ensure every single image has purpose and impact, we love bringing a business to life through great images.  Here are just some of the benefits of building a library of images to help promote your brand.

Location headshots for C-8 Consulting

Spot on brand photography in high resolution

Yes, it’s easy to get hold of free images via an online image library. But why not create a collection of images that are totally spot on? Images that are unique to your business and not going to be used by anyone else. Custom stock images help tell the story of a brand – using the people within the business, the places and the processes. Plus professional images are not quick, low-quality downloads from a stock website.  They’re high quality images that reflect a brand’s professionalism, because poor quality images are never a good look.

Women talking in an office space

Hours of time saved in marketing campaigns

We can’t tell you how much easier it is to market a brand or promote a business if you have a great selection of images to pull from. Serious game changer! A folder of images that cover all your requirements – headshots of the people within the business, shots of people in action (doing what they do), the work space (exterior and interior shots), images to reflect the service you offer, a good range product shots (if relevant) – the list of shots is specific to your business but there are some essentials every business should have. Once you have these images – ideally in small and large sizes – and have agreed the usage rights, marketing will become a whole lot easier. We promise!

Women in mask applying lashes to client

Original Images just for you!

Because it’s usually pretty obvious if you’ve grabbed your stock photography from a free platform and what’s the stop the person down the road using the exact same images? Once you have your images, they’re yours and yours alone. Plus they’ll be no licensing issues so you can use them anywhere and for anything (so long as you’ve agreed this with your photographer!).

Having a collection of shots that are perfectly in line with your mission, brand colours and business is such a valuable resource.

A personal touch

Custom stock images allow you to share your place of work, your processes and your people (even if that’s just you!). So much more personal, don’t you think? We know it’s been said before, but people really do buy from people so showing the people behind a business can make such a difference. 

Images are now used everywhere. From websites and email campaigns to social media posts, ads blogs and print material.  Your very own library really does add that personal touch to all your visual marketing. Plus it’s a chance to strongly differentiate your business from the competition in a unique way.

A consistent look

Not only does having a collection of images create a consistent look across all your marketing channels, but it is also so much more memorable to potential clients. Being memorable and easily recognised gives businesses stand out in a crowded marketplace.  And that’s got to be a good thing, right?

Custom stock photos may be just what your business needs to take it to the next level.  If you have some budget (and don’t worry, you don’t need lots), and a clear brand vision, let us help you bring your business to life through a collection of images to perfectly reflect your brand.  

To find out more about how we can help you with custom stock photography for business, check out the latest on our website or get in touch with rachel@jonbradley who will be delighted to help you.