This week VIDA GLOW launched into one of London’s most iconic department stores, Liberty London.  Londoners and travellers can visit Vida Glow in-store, test the collagen formulations and stock up on their favourite products. 

Vida Glow, marine collagen for hair, skin and nails, is much loved around the world and for this shoot I was working with the marketing team from the company’s Head Office in Sydney, Australia.

I thought I’d blog to share some of the content I created and also explain how I deliver images to clients, even when they’re on the other side of the world. 

Vida Glow boxes on display in Liberty London

As a London corporate photographer, I specialise in still images which I shoot on a Canon 5DIV.  I shoot a range of images that I edit and process so that they’re ready for full use by the client.  All images are colour balanced and ‘tidied up’, then uploaded to Dropbox in two sizes (small and large) for immediate use.

Images are shot in both landscape/horizontal and portrait/vertical to allow for easy use on social.  Vertical images are great for Tiktok, Instagram Reels and Stories and all sizes can be cropped to square for grid posts so I get a good selection to cover all platforms and channels.

Vida Glow boxes on display in Liberty London
Vida Glow boxes on display in Liberty London
Vida Glow in hand outside Liberty London
Vida Glow boxes on display in Liberty London

Obviously, I work to the client’s brief to ensure I capture exactly what’s needed in the format required.

For this shoot, as with most central London department stores, access is incredibly strict (permit only) and photography has to be completed quickly before the store opened, with minimal fuss.  Over the years I’ve shot in all of the larger, high-profile stores including Selfridges and Harrods, so I know the drill!


Increasingly I’m being asked to shoot video footage on an iPhone to send to the client directly.  I have the latest iPhone and am happy to shoot a range of raw clips.  Whilst these are by no means professional, they are really worth capturing whilst I’m at the shoot.  I then WhatsApp the clips directly to the client so that they can play around in Instagram Reels and Stories, as well as TikTok, to create their own content.

Below is my own quick edit to show some of the clips I captured for Vida Glow.

And, of course, it’s always rewarding to see the images go online, once delivered to the client.  So great to see some of my shots on the Vida Glow Linkedin and Instagram channels.

Vida Glow Linkedin Page
Vida Glow Instagram Page

Do check out more of my work on the website and get in touch if you’d like to chat through any projects.  Drop a line or give her a call on 07956 505 336.