Stock photography for business

A game changer when it comes to marketing your brand

As a professional photographer specialising in business images, I spend a lot of time asking my clients about their business, how they plan to market themselves, who they want to attract and what stories they want to tell through their images.

Every client is completely different and they each have a different set of needs.  However, the aim of stock photography for business is always the same:  To tell a visual story that will illustrate the client or customer experience, who you are, you brand values and the products and services available.

For some clients, creating a shot list of the stock photography they need can be a little overwhelming.  This blog will introduce some of the more popular types of branding photography for business.

1.  Business Headshots

business headshot of a woman

A business headshot is one of the most valuable pieces of content you can have.  It can be used across so many platforms and on your website to introduce you to your potential clients.

In most instances this is the most essential shot to have in your branding image library.

business headshot of a woman in a chair

2. Lifestyle portraits

Similar to headshots, these types of portraits tend to show a little more or show some more of your business story.  Whether that you in action or simply sat at your desk. 

portrait of a woman in her office at her desk
Lifestyle portrait of beautician at counter


This is the chance to illustrate the customer experience through great images.  In this case, a client having an aesthetic facial treatment.  When a client has a good understanding of how your product or service works and how it will be delivered, it instills a greater sense of confidence and trust.

These images are not only brilliant for company websites but they are also invaluable for social media platforms and marketing in general.

Female beautician with client discussing treatments
female client having face fillers
Female beauty therapist with client in treatment room


The details totally depend on the business but they are great for those ‘filler’ pieces of content needed for your website and as content on social media posts.  They create some visual variety whilst being consistent with your collection of images.

In this case, the detail images pick up on the brand colours, whilst also helping express the general feeling of the business.

Canvas wall art showing purple flowers and stones
Purple, white and green floral arrangement

5. Location Photos

Not always needed and not always an option but if you do have a space where customers or clients are visiting, it may be worth getting a photo so that they know what to expect when they arrive.  This could be an external shot, your reception space or something else entirely.

Interior shot of beauticians reception area

Having a set of great personal branding photography, or stock photography for your business, really is a game-changer as you have the assets to hand when needed.  A great set of images can be used in so many ways and will help you create a recognisable, professional brand.

If you’re looking to create a customised set of images that centre around your business, your core values and your business story, please do get in touch.  And check out my business stock pages for more information.