Hands up, who’s been using the same headshot for years?  It’s old but you look young, right?

You’re not alone in using the same headshot for the past 5 years because you like the younger version of yourself.  Also getting around to finding a headshot photographer in your area that you want to work with and finding the time to actually attend a shoot can seem like a task too far.

As a corporate photographer, specialising in headshot and portrait photography, I totally understand that arranging a headshot session isn’t always easy.  Plus for most people, they’re stepping out of their comfort zone.  (I much prefer being behind the camera so I’m more than happy to delay stepping in front of it!).

But honestly, trust me when I say it’s worth getting your headshot updated to represent who you are now.  Arranging a headshot session is easy and if you’re working with a photographer who ‘gets’ you, you’ll feel confident and relaxed in front of the camera.

So yes, we might be all 5 years older than the last time we had a corporate headshot taken but now if the time to embrace your wrinkles and be proud of your laughter lines!  Those imperfections make you who you are.  They represent who you are and the person people want to see when they meet you online or face to face.  Smiling eyes (with a few wrinkles around them) are what people connect with when they view our profiles online.  Those extra few crows feet have been well-earned by living a life and working hard.

The truth is, we want our new headshots to look like the best versions of ourselves and that’s where are professional, experienced photographer comes in.

Corporate portraits need to look polished, presentable and professional.  But achieving that doesn’t mean we need to hark back to yesteryear with a vintage headshot, just as much as it doesn’t mean we need to erase our true selves in Photoshop.

Putting your best self out there when representing your business, showcasing your personal brand, or looking for a job, is certainly the way to go.  But remember, your best self is your real self.

If you’d like to download The Corporate Headshot | The Business Essential Info Sheet we’ve put together, with a side note on retouching, pop over to our website to grab it!

Have a great week!