Business Headshots from your home

Now that we’re being advised to work from home, getting professional business headshots might seem tricky.  Your office space might be a no-go and many office managers are not allowing anyone other than staff inside.

Throughout this tricky time, I have been photographing corporate teams in their office spaces and, managed well, with a good use of space, rigorous practices around hygiene and a little less people in the schedule at any one time, they are still possible.

But if you’re working from home and looking for new business headshots for your work and online profiles, my new Business Headshots From Home might be of interest.

Professional business woman headshot by Jon Bradley

Can I have a professional corporate portrait taken from home?

Getting professional corporate portraits whilst working from home is easy, let me come to you. I’ve been travelling to clients to photograph them in their homes and it works perfectly. It might take up a little more of my time, but actually from a client’s perspective, it couldn’t be more cost effective and time efficient. Shooting in smaller spaces is becoming commonplace, and with the right kit, strong hygiene protocols and some common sense, you can feel comfortable, safe and protected.

Socially distanced business portraits

We have all faced business challenges during the last six months but there’s no need for things to grind to a halt. Many clients have used this time to update their marketing and website so if you’re looking to push ahead with your online presence, now is the time to get a great headshot.

I can fit my whole headshot lighting set up into a small living room space and can even pop up a background. Alternatively I can use your location as the background, depending on your requirements. If I’m photographing members of the same team, I suggest keeping the background and lighting consistent to ensure a ‘brand style’.


business headshot of a man by Jon Bradley

Socially distanced professional photography

the new normal?

I always shoot tethered to a laptop monitor during all of my portrait sessions. This will help you review the range of images taken during the session so you’ll be given the opportunity to check out your images on screen. (Don’t worry, you don’t have choose and approve your final images there and then, it’s just to give you an idea of what we’re shooting on the day).

And because of the smaller spaces of home headshot photoshoots, I will wear a mask throughout and ensure that both myself and the person I’m photographing have completed a C19 health form pre-shoot.

All my lighting and camera equipment is battery powered and ‘stand-alone’ so there is no requirement for me to plug anything in during the shoot. All equipment is then thoroughly disinfected before any further shoots.

business headshot of woman smiling

Is it possible to get a business headshot at home?

Home visit headshots during lockdown are the perfect solution. I’ve been setting up my pop-up studio in office spaces, of all shapes and sizes, for many years and it’s surprising what little space is required. I can bring battery powered lighting and a small background to give your professional headshots a studio look or I can use your home as the backdrop, it’s entirely up to you.

Team portrait photography at home

We can work on a style of photography so that the brand style is the same where ever we’re shooting from. With a consistent lighting set up and use of backgrounds, your team headshots can look professional and coherent, despite being photographed in multiple locations.

So if you’re looking for a solution to your corporate headshots whilst working from home, this could be the route to take.

Just because it’s taken in your home space doesn’t mean it won’t have that professional, corporate style. The very fact that your new team headshots have been take at home is all part of the story and all part of the way we’re currently working.

Our headshots at home sessions are a cost-effective, time efficient solution for professionals interested in updating their LinkedIn profile photo or for companies looking to get individual images of each of their team members for company websites and marketing materials. 


As professional headshot photographers, we work with a range of clients to give them an amazing business portrait so that they can stand out from the crowd and just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean that things need to change. 

We work with clients in London, Berkshire and throughout the South East so whether you’re an individual or organising a shoot for your whole team, we can provide studio-looking, professional portraits from your home.  

Contact us now to find out more about our new Covid-safe Business Headshots from Home service and we look forward to working with you.