Brand photography is a collection of professional images used to represent your business. Together they should form a strong and clear visual identity of your brand for your marketing materials.

Every brand shoot is approached differently depending on client requirements but some of the same images feature on every shot list.  These include team headshots, your people at work, the working environment and so on.

Not everyone has a place of work so brand shoots can take place anywhere – co-working spaces are a great start but again it totally depends on your business.

Using a professional brand photographer means that you’ll get a selection of unique pictures that reflect your business and will prove invaluable when it comes to marketing your brand.

Here is just a snapshot of some of the images from a shoot for Brandview to give you a flavour of the type of images we can capture on a brand photography shoot.


These images not only reinforce the brand name but they also can show the culture and vibe of the business.  They’re great for website and marketing in general.

Brand photography example of a business shoot
Examples of brand photography of a business


Use your collection of images to show your audience who they’ll be working with, in a way that shows who they really are.  These images are a great way to show the personality of your team, the working environment and the general feel and positioning of your business.

Two men working from a computer at work
A selection of business photos showing people at work in an office space
A selection of business photos showing people at work in an office space


For customers, interior photography shots can be a great insight for them to see your work surroundings.  As well as showing your space, they are another way of showing the culture and working environment and give some added personality to your brand.

Exterior shots are also a great option if they’re of benefit to your clients.

A selection of business photos showing people at work in an office space


Again, if relevant to your business, meeting shots are another way of showing people at work.  Using people with their backs to the camera in the foreground, like the image below, gives a feeling of the customer seeing things from their point of view.  Equally, images of people shot through doorways gives the same candid feel.

Two men in a work meeting smiling


Whether product shots or people at work, some close-up shots can work really well to help tell the story of your business.  These images are very dependent on what it is your business actually does.  It’s fairly straightforward for product-based businesses.  Service-based businesses should give some thought to how to show what it is they deliver to clients through some close-up photography.

Man looking at a laptop on a desk


There are so many styles of portraits and we are happy to deliver whatever style best suits your brand.  Whether it’s images against the backdrop of your office space, or studio-style shots set up on your location (we can bring a range of background rolls), we can discuss with you the best way to capture your team.

Headshot of a business man against a blue background
Headshot of two business men against a blue background

So if you’re looking to create some strong brand images to showcase your business, please get in touch or call Rachel on 07956 505336.  We’d love to help you!

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