We work with some amazingly dynamic and inspiring clients and we see it as our job to make sure that our conference photography is the same; vibrant, expressive and exceptional.   Do get in touch with us for more information.  Email rachel@jonbradley.co.uk or give us a call on 07956 505 336.

We know the time and energy our clients put into their conferences and events.  They are a culmination of a huge amount of work.  As an event photographer, it’s Jon’s job to ensure that all that hard work is captured in a collection of great images.

Unlike studio-based photography, which is very controlled, conference photography can be more of a challenge but one we actually relish.  Every conference is different so we work with our client before the event to ensure they get just what they need on the day.  We work on very small intimate conferences through to industry events with 600+ people in attendance. 

From experience we know that when the event goes live we are needed to just ‘get on with it’ and that’s what we do.  Reassuring for clients who need to get on with their jobs at the event, not be there to shadow an event photographer around. 

It’s about taking control but being invisible at the same time.  Ultimately as a event photographers,  we are the uninvited guests but we need to make things happen too.  And that’s what we love about not just conference photography but event photography in general.

All our photography equipment is geared up for conferences.  We use ultra wide angle lenses to show off room set ups and extreme telephoto lenses to get the action on stage.  With the right equipment we can shoot from anywhere, which means minimal disruption to the actual event.

When it comes to equipment, we can even bring along our PopUP Studio.  Many clients take the opportunity to use our corporate headshot service so that we can photograph key people whilst they are in attendance. Our PopUP Studio includes a background and lighting so the look is a ‘studio-style’ portrait.  Professional business headshots are perfect for company websites, annual reports and PR usage.

 Jon and his team of event photographers work in London as well as the rest of the UK.

Please get in touch with us for more information on 07956 505 336 or email rachel@jonbradley.co.uk.  Or fill out the form below and we’ll get straight back to you.  We’d love to give you a quote for our event photography coverage.