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L`Envol de Cartier | Product Launch PR Photography

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PR Photography for the launch of L’Envol de Cartier by Cartier. We cover a range of events for our clients.  From business conferences through to more intimate awards ceremonies.  But PR photography is a big part of our business and we love the clients we work with.  A range of PR freelancers, agencies and in-house… Read more »

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Corporate Headshots | A business essential

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CORPORATE HEADSHOTS | A BUSINESS ESSENTIAL Your profile photo or business headshot is essential when it comes to your online brand and identity. On a business website your ‘About Us’ page is there to build trust. It’s one of the most important pages on your website and the second most viewed page (after your home page)…. Read more »

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L’Oreal Colour Trophy Photography 2016 | Grand Final

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So this is one of the highlights of our year and shooting the L’Oreal Colour Trophy Photography 2016 didn’t disappoint. What an event!  Bigger and better than ever.  From arriving at L’Oreal Head Office in Hammersmith to shooting the finalists and judges in action, right the way through to the evening event, this year held at the… Read more »

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