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Is your headshot a big fat lie? Headshot Photography

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Is your headshot a big fat lie?  Headshot Photography Come on, admit it.  You’ve been using the same headshot for the past 5 years because you like the younger version of yourself.  We’ve all done it.  In fact, some of us are still doing it. (Guilty as charged!). As someone who works for a photographer… Read more »

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What is Moiré? Photography Explained

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What is Moiré? Photography Explained When it comes to portrait photography, clients often ask what to wear.  We give guidelines but ultimately it’s about choosing clothes to suit your style, your business and your brand. However, when it comes to patterned clothing we do offer some strong advice.  Avoid small patterns or any items with repetitive… Read more »

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Headshots A Guide | What to wear?

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Headshots A Guide | What to wear? When it comes to business headshots, about 99% of the people we photograph dislike having their photograph taken.  And we totally get that (we don’t like it either!).  But a great photographer will put you at ease and get you in the right mindset so that your headshot… Read more »

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