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PR & Marketing Photography | Mr Burberry Harrods

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Burberry.  The most British of brands.  Harrods.  The most luxurious of British department stores. I am often asked to shoot in-store promotions, marketing materials and merchandising photography for my clients. Often it’s a 7am shoot, before the stores open, and the security follow me around and allow the shortest window of time.  Always lots of… Read more »

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Product Photography | Blog photography

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We understand that as lifestyle bloggers you’ll want to learn to take your own images.  Blogs need to updated almost daily with fresh new content that looks great.  However, if you need some standout images for your website or blog, or like this client you want professional images for an e-commerce part of a site,… Read more »

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Press Launch Photography | Glenmorangie PopUp Bar

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Press Launch Photography London. Here at JBP we love a good Pop Up.  We host a regular PopUP Studio for corporate portraits once a month and we always love to hear about other Pop up events.  So it was great on the press launch photography at this event. Whisky brand Glenmorangie opened the doors to… Read more »

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