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Is your headshot a big fat lie? Headshot Photography

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Is your headshot a big fat lie?  Headshot Photography Come on, admit it.  You’ve been using the same headshot for the past 5 years because you like the younger version of yourself.  We’ve all done it.  In fact, some of us are still doing it. (Guilty as charged!). As someone who works for a photographer… Read more »

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Get ahead in business with a great headshot | Professional Corporate Headshots

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Get ahead in business with a great headshot | Professional Corporate Headshots What impression does your online personality give to potential clients? Think that when prospective clients look up your business they’re not just looking at what you do, they’re looking at who you are.  As professional business photographers we’re often asked what makes the… Read more »

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Corporate Headshots | A business essential

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CORPORATE HEADSHOTS | A BUSINESS ESSENTIAL Your profile photo or business headshot is essential when it comes to your online brand and identity. On a business website your ‘About Us’ page is there to build trust. It’s one of the most important pages on your website and the second most viewed page (after your home page)…. Read more »

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PopUP Studio | Corporate Headshots | 18th March 2016

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Not so corporate headshots A good corporate headshot or business portrait is a must for any business owner or professional.   Whether you need a new portrait for your LinkedIn profile, your website or your social media platforms, a great photo will set you apart from some of the truly terrible images out there! Think of… Read more »

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