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What is Moiré? Photography Explained

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What is Moiré? Photography Explained When it comes to portrait photography, clients often ask what to wear.  We give guidelines but ultimately it’s about choosing clothes to suit your style, your business and your brand. However, when it comes to patterned clothing we do offer some strong advice.  Avoid small patterns or any items with repetitive… Read more »

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MS Society Images | Kiss Goodbye to MS Campaign Shoot

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MS Society Images | Kiss Goodbye to MS Campaign Shoot We were recently asked to get on board with the new MS Society Kiss Goodbye to MS Campaign, shooting the campaign photography. A long story but in a nutshell, budding photographer Rebecca Cresta got in touch.  Rebecca went to Uni with Rachel back in the day… Read more »

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Instagram Business Challenge for Small Business Owners

February Challenge, photography for small businesses, photography tips, Instagram tips, Instagram, small business, small businesses, photography, photographer, branding, brand, social media, Jon Bradley, Jon Bradley Photography

#FebruaryChallenge Instagram Business Challenge. This month I’ve created #FebruaryChallenge, a way of getting small businesses on board with Instagram.  I’d love to see lots of businesses and brands join in this community photo project.  So please join me at my Instagram account @jonbradleyphoto to find out more.   Why an Instagram Business Challenge? Over the last… Read more »

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Thank you 2016 | You’ve been a funny old year.

Business Review 2016, business, review, 2016, Jon Bradley Photography, photography, photographer, christmas, collaboration, end of year, summary, London, Berkshire, Wokingham, Reading

Business Review 2016 We think it’s fair to say 2016 has been a funny one. Would you agree? Politically we’ve held our breath and a couple of times this year have taken time away from our desks to watch the live feed of news as it streamed in. Shocked and amazed in equal measure. We’ve… Read more »

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7 ways to take a better selfie | National Selfie Day

National Selfie Day, selfie #selfie, 2016, how to take the perfect selfie, top tips, tips, Jon Bradley Photography, Gossip Girl Talks, WGG, Wokingham Gossip Girls, Rachel Bradley, Wokingham

National Selfie Day 7 ways to take a better selfie by Rachel aka Gossip Girl (& Mrs Jon Bradley Photography) I’m not usually one for National This & That Days but it seems that 21st June is National Selfie Day.  Yes, that’s today and it almost passed me by.  I’ve no idea how.  I’m an avid Instagrammer… Read more »

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