Having a headshot is a key part of your personal branding story.  Who you are is vital to your audience and showing them what you do is can be very powerful. If you want to get more of your personal brand into your portrait, we can work with you on a more creative portrait.

These shoots are great for creative people or business owners who want to inject more of their business or brand into their headshot. 

Many of our clients want to show what it is they actually do and at the same time get a portrait they can use for their website, social media platforms and blog posts.

We will work with you beforehand, getting a real understanding of your business and between us we’ll work out what you want your creative portrait to say.  Rather than a corporate headshot, your portrait will be more like a stock image of you representing your business.

This style of portrait is great for any business professional.  It doesn’t need to be a full-on scary location shoot.  It might just be that we use some of your office space for the backdrop.  If you work in the city, we can use the cityscape.  If you work in a creative office space, let’s use it. 

Some clients just want to step away from the studio look or they simply don’t have time to leave the office!   These creative location portraits look really fresh and modern; they’re a great at injecting a little more life into your portrait.

Do get in touch if you’re looking for a location portrait to project your business personality.

Receive our factsheet Corporate Headshot A Business Essential:

Receive our factsheet Corporate Headshot A Business Essential