Of course we can help clients with individual headshots but it may be that you need a photograph of your entire company or key management teams.

A group portrait isn’t always as easy as it seems. People are different heights, clothing can clash and there’s always someone who can’t keep their blinking under control!  But we love the challenge of a group portrait.  Our style is to animate them a little to bring some life and personality to the image.  Whether it’s walking towards the camera, perching on different sized chairs or looking away from the camera, there are some great ways to get your teams to look fantastic!

Black & white usually works well here and these shots can look seriously impressive. 

Location is key as with a lot of people it’s not always possible to place them in front of a studio style background.  Studio style looks great with much smaller teams (3-5 people) but as the teams get bigger we often suggest an environmental shoot.  Using your office space, a stairwell or an interesting wall.  Whatever it takes to get a fantastic group shot.  And weather permitting, outside is always a great option.

Do get in touch if you need some or all of your team photographing.  We’d love to chat through the various options with you.  Rachel can be contacted on 07956 505 336 or drop her an email.

Please take a look at our Studio Portraits as well as our Location Portraits if you’re looking for something a little different. 

Receive our factsheet Corporate Headshot A Business Essential:

Receive our factsheet Corporate Headshot A Business Essential